Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Froggy frolics

Fonzie and friend
I joined a Tilda facebook group a while back.
This year, we are doing a series of monthly challenges. I wasn't able to do January's "something green" challenge, but this month, it was all about Tilda's animals. Thank goodness it was a leap year! I needed that extra day to finish it and post it to the group page.
In honour of LEAP YEAR (get it?), I got busy and did a frog and his dragonfly friend from Crafting Tilda's Friends.

I attached a magnet to the dragonfly -- actually, I made three. When the warm weather makes an appearance, I plan to do a new wreath for our front door. The dragonflies will stick onto the steel door and "fly" around the wreath.
In the meantime, the Fonzie (as I call him) and his buddy can hang out on this little garden bench until Spring comes calling.

Have a great February 29!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

After four months of waiting, a bit of my package arrives

Charmed, and yet disappointed
In November of last year, I found a North American source for Tilda products. I placed an order for a charm pack, some little resin crowns and some wooden bobbins. Then, I waited. For four months. I called. They said the shipment was hung up in customs. They said this for three months. THREE.
I understand that international customs do not take into account the creative wants and needs of crafters and needle workers. I get it.
However, if a business concern promises product on a website, seems to process an order on said web site, and then sends a confirmation e-mail regarding said shipment, one tends to believe the shipment will arrive.
I am very happy with my little fabric squares, which cost a ton of money. I am not happy with the "company" who said they are a North American source for Tilda.
They are not. They are a source of frustration and anger. I did not get my little crowns or wooden bobbins -- and I never will. They are listed as 'out of stock'. Apparently, they were not in stock when I placed my order. They were somewhere in Europe -- where, apparently, they will remain. There was no further explanation, except to say that I have a credit. I don't know that I want anything they have. I am now convinced I won't get what I want, and I won't be advised about the order unless I nag excessively.
So deep is my disgust I won't even name the business, that would just encourage them. From now on, I will rely on etsy and ebay sellers for hard-to-find items.
I think its time we helped the little guys. Who's with me?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Things to do in Spring...

Sew, a needle pulling thread...
At the end of April of this year, I will be presenting a mini workshop on behalf of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine at the CreativFestival in Toronto.
This is a large event that features workshops on all kinds of needle arts, scrap booking, card making and knitting, as well as a whole lot of shopping for all kinds of notions, fabrics and supplies.
On the Saturday of the weekend show, I will be showing people how to make a felt needle book. It's kind of exciting and scary all at once.
I hope everyone is nice, that we all have fun, and that sometime between now and then I develop a proper teaching style.
In the coming weeks, I will be getting the needle book kits ready and making sure I have all the supplies the participants will need. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


A place for everything...
... everything in its place
It took FOREVER, but I finally finished my iPad purse.
My iPad has a hard shell leather protective sleeve, but I had nothing suitable to tote around the iPad and all its accessories. I have totes galore, but they are all too large and everything seemed to be swimming around and tangling up. The only workable solution was to create a purse to keep it all together.
I wanted it to be fun and funky, but also sort of cute and sweet. The ideas formed slowly in my mind. They came together even more slowly in real life -- at the cutting table and at the sewing machine.
This happens to me all the time. When I want something to be special, I take ages to get it done. I fear making a mess of things, especially once I have chosen special fabrics and embellishments. I considered doing a mock up in fabrics that are not special in any way, but then I decided I would never take the same time and care if the good stuff wasn't on the line.  That's how I roll, baby ...
Details, details ...
The result of this month-long process is an iPad purse I think Lucy Ricardo would have used if Lucy had the miracle of tablet computing when she and Ethel were cooking up their schemes. Imagine the possibilities of their hijinks if the Internet had been informing their plans. The mind boggles.
I stamped What I Love Today on the label -- which is embellished with a Cath Kidston strawberry cotton duck applique. I chose the sentiment because the iPad has opened up a whole world of new creative thought for me. The ideas can literally change day to day -- as do my favourites.
This technology-fueled fickleness might drive some people to distraction, but I like to think of it all as possibilities, not necessarily a to-do list. I am so happy to have finished this purse. Now I have a place for everything, and everything in its cute little place.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Tuesday!

It's Mardi Gras -- and tonight's dinner was all about yummy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

FNSI fun in fotos (mostly)

iPad tote inching toward completion.
FNSI was a fun group event at our house.
I am inching ever closer to finishing my iPad case. Yay! Sandra stitched some bags for family friends. Amanda had a long week at work, so she had some dinner and then she browsed through Pinterest. She also cheered us on.
FNSI was lots of fun as usual.
In other fabric news, Fabricland had a 40 per cent off everything members sale this week. So, I scored some real pure linen.
Hugely expensive at regular price -- as if ever paying regular price for fabric is something I regularly do. I always just look at the linen. But, in that hard to find Tilda doll colour, it had to be mine.
Samdra and her panty bag...
 Hope everyone had a great FNSI. I hope to visit some blogs later on this weekend and see what everyone else was up to!
Amanda on Pinterest

Hello Dollies -- is it a square or chocolate bar?

Sandra's finishes.

A lot of 40 per cent off linen. The printed bit is from Quilt a Bag.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Laptop lugger finished!

Laptop lugger for my sister
My sister asked me to make her a laptop bag that was big enough for her computer and the cords. She also wanted one big pocket as opposed to several little ones.
Nice big pocket
I did this one for her, using some funky typography fabric I found on clearance, and some equally funky linen blend fabrics on clearance from the home decorating fabric section.
The handles are from Quilt a Bag. They are decorated with little bows. How cute is that?
I was so happy to finish this for her today. She picked it up this evening and loved it.
Now, for the big question. Will I finish my iPad tote this week?
I have completed the lining, the quilting and the decorating. That's because Sandra and I got together last Friday and she encouraged me to get my act together. So, the act was put together -- just not the iPad tote. At least the parts are more or less combined at the moment. They are just waiting for me to finish. Yep, that's all.
Mind you, there are just a hundred different people, places, and things that will get between me and the machine before that happens. I just know it.
When I do finish it, you'll be among the first to know. I promise.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Now is our winter of discontent?

Hockey skills on solid ice
This year, winter in Canada -- where winter is usually held -- has been really disappointing from a cold/snow point of view.
There simply hasn't been any winter (as we understand it) to speak of.
DH has been trying against all odds to maintain the ice rink in the backyard. Some weeks, it has just been a lovely reflecting pool.
But last Monday, it was ready to host the great hockey skills competition of 2012 -- as invisioned by my nephews and their cousins. They had the day off school and the ice was frozen solid.
The kids arrived at 1 p.m. They were suited up and ready to skate by 1:15.
They stayed on the ice until 4:30 -- hot chocolate was delivered to them because they refused to leave the frozen fun.
DH was so happy that they had such a good time. It looks as though we might be in for a bit of cold weather soon, so he remains hopeful that we might have a few more days skating before it's time to call it quits and declare spring officially sprung.