Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where have I been?

All summer long we struggled with computer issues. It was one thing after another. So, what with all the technical difficulties I had lots of time to create stuff.
I found a nice piece of waffle cotton in our local fabric store's remnant bin. So, I collected up some bits and pieces and did a band from Tone Finnager's Sew Pretty Homestyle. Her project is a full quilt, but I did all the piecing of the band by machine and some of the bits and pieces. Then I took the whole thing up to the cottage and did the hand applique and embroidery sitting by the lake. When I got back, I attached it to the blanket. The top has a co-ordinating band at the top. This is my blanket for watching Gray's Anatomy, Parenthood and Mad Men when they all start up this fall.

Later that same summer...
There was a special project which can't be photographed yet, since the gift has yet to be given. However, when it is, I will post the photos. I learned a lot of new things about fabric, quilting and the like. And, there was a great deal of love in every stitch.

I also did a little quilt card for my sister-in-law's wedding recently. We included a gift of money, so the little quilt had a pocket at the back. The applique came from Jenny Ryan's new book Sew Darned Cute. Everything in the book is truly darned cute.