Monday, September 21, 2015

Changed my name in bloggerland

A change is as good as a rest -- as they say -- so I've decided to change my blog's name to better reflect the crafty goodness that happens around here for much of the time.
I've been busy working for for many months.  I took a break for the summer to clear my mind and just you know, be.
Well, that's over.
I have just finished a series of posts for October about a special quilted throw I made, slated for publication on a computer near you during the week of October 12, 2015.
It has been the usual round of nonsense around here for the past few weeks. In late May, DH hit a deer on the highway near our home and totaled the car. In June, I set the oven to self clean and the inside glass shattered.
Long stories short -- we found a new car, but there seems no way to fix the oven. The door repair would be more than buying a new baseline stove.
In the meantime, I am exploring the range and limits of a convention toaster oven, the microwave, and how much barbecued grilled food we can tuck away before winter makes that no longer an option. By then, hopefully, we will have saved enough to replace the stove. Otherwise, Christmas baking will have to be done offsite at the home of my friend and partner in all fabric crimes, the lovely Sandra D.

But, these are first world problems.
So, welcome to Nancy Dee's Needleworks, formerly Heaven is Handmaid.
Whatcha all been doing?