Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sneaky peeks of WIPs and some Christmas Tilda news

A tiny peek at my wall hanging project
Quite possibly, my favourite book block
 I am a big fan of Ayumi Takahashi of Pink Penguin fame. She creates sweet and useful projects, using fabrics that I appeal to my over-riding sense of fun and whimsy, combined with my deep and abiding adoration of linen and linen blends.
I pre-ordered her book, Patchwork Please, months before it came out in April.
As soon as I saw these paper pieced books, I knew I found my Miss B's graduation present. I am not making the full quilt, but a blanket band. I have been collecting book themed fat quarters for a while now, and I settled on a few that more or less represent her book interests -- which are wide and varied. She has been a voracious reader since early childhood, and so these book blocks were tailor-made for her.
I am a beginner paper-piecer, and it was a slow go for me, despite the book's clear instructions with many photos. Patience would be a valuable asset. However, I don't have it, and so I make mistakes. Also, a lot of mess!
None of that was Ayumi's fault.
No, I did not keep the mistakes to take photos of them.
I swore some, then threw the mess away.
That's just how I roll...
After TWO unfortunate trimming accidents, and countless unpicking of the A section, I finally turned out sufficient blocks to do the blanket band I have planned. Try to ignore all those hanging threads, I haven't tidied them yet.
In a few weeks' time, I will also be posting a tutorial on doing quilted blanket bands. They are a nice alternative to making a full sized quilt, and are usually quick to finish -- as long as you are not doing a thousand other things at once.
Remember doodling on your notebooks?

Kind of love this one too!

This is the very first book Miss B loved

Remember reading Dick and Jane?
I have also pre-ordered Tone Finanger's upcoming book, Tilda's Sweet Shop. It will be mine in about 150 days. Yeah, I have no patience when paper piecing, but I can wait 150 days for a book. I don't get it either.
There are not many places to get any idea at all of what's in the book, but I did find one image. The book is a small one, just 48 pages, but it uses my very favourite colour palette, off white, green-blue and pinks. The focus is on old fashioned cakes and sweets and old world Santas and angels. Just yummy on so many levels.
Yummy new Tilda book November 2013

Under wraps...

I am currently working on a project for next Spring's issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. Sadly, I can't share anything about it.
Okay, I can say it is a wall hanging for a baby or small child's room. It is pretty involved, and has a lot of hand work. Therefore, it is just my kind of project.
I will be back with some photos of other things I've been doing very soon. Watch this space ...
In other news,  my very talented Miss B graduated from teacher's college recently.
She is getting a special present, just as soon as I get the sashing done on the paper pieced blocks.
Oh yes, cue the circus music, I am entering the distracted crafter season, where summer tries to lure me away from my creative space and out into the big, wide world. Sigh.