Friday, September 28, 2012

Sparkling things...

Sparkling Winter Angel
I finished my Tilda Vintage Angel from Sew Pretty Christmas.
I have to say, she was a bit fiddly. However, now that she is finished I am well pleased with her. The actual construction was not that difficult. The details were more challenging. Her hairstyle involved threading a wire through her head, and the winding the doll hair yarn over it. It was hard to keep the wire steady and even -- while adding the yarn.
This time, the stuffing of the figure was not a huge problem. I changed the fabric to Kona cotton in a colour called nutmeg. If you have never used Kona cottons, well, that's a shame. It is sturdy, but at the same time, soft. It also stands up well to the rigors of firmly stuffing the limbs and body. I think I am a convert.
In the book, this angel is holding a Christmas ornament. I want to have the doll out and about all the time, so I didn't want to make it too Christmas specific.
Sparkling Winter Wreath
I decided to create a winter wreath with little paper roses, leaves and a mushroom bird. I added some sparkle texture "snow", a product by Martha Stewart. It is pretty easy to use, and I really like the effect.
Finally, it was time to add the hot fix crystals to her painted shoes, wings and give her some jewellery.
Sparkling glass buttons
While I was waiting for her shoes to dry, I went out to Value Village for a little scouting trip. As ever, I found some wooden embroidery hoops for my upcoming session at The CreativFestival in Toronto (October 12, 13, and 14). As I was loading them into my cart, I spied a bag of buttons. I never pass up a bag of buttons.
When I put it into the cart, I noticed the yellowed tape on the two little bags inside the bigger bag. Yellowing tape could only mean one thing -- old buttons! I love old buttons, especially old glass buttons. I did not do a little happy dance out to the car. That would be weird -- well, in public anyway. Back at home, I did the happy dance. There were so many little treasures in the bags. I think my favourites are the little blue cameos.
Now that the Vintage Angel is finished, I am working on the pieces I will be using at the Festival.
Once again, I will be at A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine's booth on Saturday, October 13.
I will be demonstrating how to do surface embellishment of various kinds. I will be doing a little block, which will include stitching, beads and sequins -- and maybe even feathers.
More on that another day -- soon-ish!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

All kinds of good gifts arrived today

An artful garden gift

While I was at the post office picking up a lovely package from loveTilda in the Netherlands, a lovely neighbour shared some of the harvest from her garden.
Now, lots of people might shove a few tomatoes in a plastic carrier bag, top it off with a couple of squash. And sure, that's a nice thing to do.
But, the lovely Luisa always offers things artfully and tastefully.
This year, the floral arrangement is actually mint and basil with a Blackeyed Susan in a sweet little pear nectar bottle. It's just a beautiful work of art, as well as a thoughtful gift.
I just love it gifts from the heart, given creatively.
The Tilda package features some fabrics from the new line, which is from a book called Tilda's Winter Dreams. The book isn't due out until mid October, but I have heard it is in Norwegian. I have heard nothing about an English version.
However, the colours in this fabric are so pretty, nothing will be lost in translation.
I also ordered some buttons to make a Santa figure in a stylin' jacket. Normally, I just make do with what I have on hand when making things Tilda, but the jacket needed the actual buttons in order for him to be, well, stylin'.
I haven't done much making at all this week. I'm just not keen for whatever reason. I hope this passes soon. If it doesn't, I am going to start feeling stuck.
Unstucking oneself is not so easy, and I keep seeing Christmas count down calendars everywhere now.
This is no time to be getting stuck!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mabel sewing in the garden

Today, I finished Mabel, the Tilda Sewing Room Angel! Yay! Yay!