Tuesday, April 29, 2014

These are a few of of my favourite internet things

At last weekend's CreativFestival, participants in my workshop received a handout about a few of my favourite web sites. These sites both inform and inspire my creative life.
I only printed enough copies for workshop participants, but I promised to post a digital version.
So, here it is!  
These are the places I go to again and again to get ideas, and find out what's going on in the hearts and minds of other creative souls.

My Pintrest board.

free patterns, free sign up

many tutorials, some free patterns

a great lunch tote, and there are other free tutorials on this site

exceptionally pretty, and there are often free patterns on this site

lots of inspiration and tutorials, especially for hexi and pentagon projects

These little birds are adorable and the pattern is free.

a really good tutorial about paper piecing hexagons -- lots of photos

a Canadian needlework magazine offering inspiration and resources by Canadian designers, using materials available in Canada

Monday, April 21, 2014

A hoppy and warm Easter!

Happy Easter!
Finally, some nice weather has arrived in my part of the world.
The Easter weekend was very joyous because we could finally sit outside for pre-dinner drinks for a while before the wind turned chilly and sent us back inside.
I made a little bunny for my mom. I also made  seven tiny rabbits for my family and friends. Some of the mini bunnies were tucked into mini terracotta pots with Easter grass, others were nestled into Easter eggs, tucked into egg cups.
Now, I am busy getting ready for my workshop on having fun with scraps at the CreativFestival in Toronto next Saturday.
We are making a little pincushion which will perch on a golf tee. The tee can be set into a thread spool for a portable pin perch.

Next week, I will post a tutorial and some photos.
I will be making up little kits over the next couple of days, and getting my show and tell items packed up and ready for my presentation at the International Centre on Airport Road.
Have a wonderful Spring, now that spring is here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Park your pins and needles here

Park your pins here...
I was trolling around Michaels recently, and I found these very cute frames in the $1.50 bins near the front of the store.
 I think they are meant to be used as party favours or place card holders for weddings and other fancy events.
A while ago, I found a pin on Pintrest by a crafter named Natalie, who is over at Doodlecrafts.
She created some pincushions using these kinds of frames. But, she used cork board and I didn't have any.
Also, I am a bit obsessed about having tidy backs of things (it's a bit of an issue left over from when I did a lot of cross stitch. I am trying to relax about it now, but not with this project).
Anyway, inspired by Doodlecrafts' creation, I did a little bit of tweaking to the original idea.
These pin parks are great for sewing needles. I find they get lost in the pincushions I use. These are shallow enough to corral the needles, and they can't get lost. Unless you don't make one and use it. So, here is a little photo essay about  what I did:

Pop the plastic from the frame. Trace the opening onto card stock.

Run a bead of white glue around the opening. Close the back.
Cut a bit of quilt batting to match the card stock.
Use a bit of glue stick to make the card stock a bit tacky.

Pick a cute scrap. You know you've been saving them...

Put the batting onto the fabric, and bit of fiber fill onto the card.

Press this sandwich down flat. Run a bead of glue around the card.

Tuck the corners, and then the sides, of the fabric around the card.

Some filling might try to escape. Poke it back down. Seal up the last side.

Put a puddle of white glue into the frame. Pop the little cushion into the space.

Park your pins. Make them for your quilt-y friends. Have one everywhere you sew.