Monday, August 24, 2009

This Celtic Tree of Life took me nearly 18 months to stitch. My son made the frame in woodshop. This was a particularly sanity-saving project. It got me through some very rough times last winter. I don't remember them so much when I look at it, I just remember how much I loved working on it.
It was featured in an issue of Just Cross Stitch and it was designed by Tracy Horner. It called for a million shades of brown, but I just used DMC colour variations for the most part. It changes colour on its own -- and it much easier for the lazier stitchers among us...

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  1. Good use for variegated thread - I bet it saved your sanity on more than one occasion! Spectacular project --- you must have been really happy to get it finished! The longest XS project I've done took me about 12 months - it's a Christmas alphabet, with little pictures to represent each letter. I thought I'd never get that puppy finished! And it had metallic thread - that stuff is AWFUL to work with (or at least - it was, 10+ years ago!)


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