Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beads for boobs

My local Curves does a monthly draw. Everyone who completes a workout puts their name into the draw for a product or service that is usually donated by members. I usually do something in October because it is breast cancer month. Here's why I did this beaded necklace:
My mom had breast cancer in 1987. Her sister was diagnosed a year later.
My mom's was caught early and a lumpectomy and radiation has had perfect check ups for 22 years.
My aunt's cancer was picked up later and she died about eight years after initial diagnosis.
Not surprisingly, my sister and I are big fans of mammograms, and since we both hit 40, we have never missed a year.
Mammograms aren't perfect, and yeah, they hurt. However, the "speck of dust" found on my mother's initial mammogram turned out to be a pinhead sized malignancy. It was an aggressive form of cancer that would have been untreatable by the time it had become a lump.
The necklace is offered to my fellow Curves members who are trying to live better, and in thanksgiving in a way, for all the moments my mom has been given because she got that mammogram. I am going to display the necklace on this "bust" while it is on display at my gym. I kind of like the irony! I made her little flower halo in honour of all the women who have passed on from breast cancer. They are missed, every single one of them.

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