Thursday, October 15, 2009

If only the world was calorie free...

Cupcakes are the best treat in the world. It's like cake, but only a little bit. And there's just a little pretty bit of icing.
These Halloween cupcakes are the result of a class I did at our local Longos. It was a lot of fun learning all about piping bags and fondant icing, and spending time with an old friend who shares a love of things hand made.
When I picked her up at her house I found she had created a family message board from an old mirror.
She just turned the mirror around in the frame and painted that side with blackboard paint. She has hung this blackboard right beside the door. Now family members can keep track of each other easily. Classy and practical! Now it just a matter of remembering where the chalk ended up. I see another project on the horizon...


  1. I didn't know Longos had cooking classes - TRES cool!!


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