Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here are a couple of things I've done recently to celebrate some milestones. The pink bag was for my friend Amanda's birthday. The little sack is a commissioned piece for a friend who wanted a fabric bag for her grandson's baptism present.
I love making things to help people celebrate!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day -- and celebrating everything for no particular reason...


  1. Both bags are lovely - you have such a good eye for putting together fabrics and embellishments - I envy that! And I'm celebrating right now, as D and I are headed to LeGallais to pick up Z ... he's been released into the wild (aka our living room) for good behaviour (and you know what that behaviour is, LOL). Definitely a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW - I'll accept your generous offer to embroider the eyes/mouth on my Tomte - I'll call you when we get home with the beast - I can pop over tomorrow with the face part - THANKS! *does a happy Z is coming home and N is going to do my embroidery dance* :)

  2. Gorgeous, lovely gifts! How special.


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