Friday, June 17, 2011

FNSI project with vintage handles

These are a few of my favourite things!
Friday Night Sew In is here again.
Before it begins, I will be on a Skype call to my Aunt Alma in Newfoundland. She is turning 80 years young. There's a party at my cousin's house this evening. I wish I could be there, but visiting via video is a miracle in and of itself.
Once I say good bye, I will offer to Sandra's house to check out the new embroidery machine that she found at the quilt store garage sale. I also plan to make a Tilda tote bag, as featured in Sew Pretty Homestyle, using some fun Mary Engelbreit fabric and vintage handles found at Value Village.
They were once $2 and sold at Metropolitan -- a store that disappeared from here years ago.
I think I paid .99 cents for them in their Value Village reincarnation. Bonus! Now that these bags are popular again, the handles are about $18!
I am excited to be using my two favourite things: ME fabrics and Tilda; for one of my favourite activities: FNSI; with one of my favourite people! I am also doing a birthday present for a certain someone, but I can't write about that until later on this month.
What a great day -- even though it is a little drizzly.
I will post the finished product tomorrow. Have a wonderful FNSI everyone!


  1. I recognize the book ... and the handles ... and the fabreeeec --- all 3 got used last night, lol! Did you get the handles sewn on? I guess I'll see when you do your FNSI post!

    That book sure goes into a lot of explanative detail about procedures, does it not? *insert snicker and eye-rolling-worthy-of-teenagers here* :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your bag once it's finished. The Mary Engelbreit fabric is cute.

    Great find on the handles. They have gotten so expensive. I'm thinking about checking thrift stores and salvaging handles from old purses.


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