Saturday, November 19, 2011

FNSI on the front door -- and other places

Welcoming deer ones...
Friday Night Sew In was really quiet down the lane. Normally, I have my stitchin' pals over for giggles and projects, but they were otherwise engaged this time.
I finished up my reindeer from Tilda's Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle.
In a flash of near brilliance (if I do say so myself -- which I must because everyone else was out doing other things), I used an attachment method of own design.
We have a steel door, so hammering a nail isn't an option. Instead, I used super strong neodymium magnets. These are the little flat silver disks. (WARNING: These are very dangerous for little ones as they are a swallowing hazard).
Neo magent strip
I made a four inch long by 2 inch tube of fabric and then dropped a magnet into the bottom. Then I sewed all around the magnet by hand. I did this for all four magnets. Then, I sewed the whole magnetized tube to the neck seam of the reindeer. I am confident the deer will stay attached to the door, despite the wicked wind and snow storms that hit our front door in the depths of December.
Not quite finished, but getting there
His neck bow (which covers most of the magnet strip) is actually a remnant of a jellyroll pack. It was part of a scrap pack from a quilt store in Kingston.
I just did a row of zigzag stitches up either side -- an idea in Tilda's Winter Ideas The new booklet that arrived in my mail box this week -- I'd pre-ordered in August.
As usual, I love the photos and several of the projects are on the to do list -- especially the Santa with a little pointed hat.
(More on that later, hopefully.)
Quilting brings out the details
Once the deer was finished, I decided to do some whole cloth quilting on a little Henry Glass & Co. panel by Jacquelynne Steves called Sewing Room Social. It's going into a frame (eventually).
For the hand quilting, I used a spool of silk sewing thread. What a treat  it was to use! The thread just glides through all the layers and resists tangles and knots. I just quilted around the outlines on selected areas to define them. I am not quite finished yet, but it was such a pleasure to do some handwork while watching Grimm. That show creeps me out, but I like it. I am also enjoying Once Upon A Time. I guess no matter how old I get, fairy tales are still appealing.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable FNSI! Now I am off to visit some blogs and see what you all got up to last night.


  1. Awwww... he's adorable. And how clever to add the magnets to the back so that he'll stay attached to the door.

    That Henry Glass & Co panel is so pretty. It will look lovely framed after you've finished quilting it. I've never used silk thread but I've been reading about it on various blogs and most everyone makes the same comments that you did... that it's a treat to work with.

    Even though you had to fly solo last night... you can certainly count the evening as a success.

  2. What a fun fellow to welcome guests at your door! And just in time for this holiday season. You had a very productive Friday Night!

  3. I love your reindeer wreath,what a fanatstic idea for Christmas :) Barb.

  4. Brilliant idea about covering those powerful little magnets... those aren't going anywhere!!!

  5. The reindeer is so cute!! You have a great idea for attaching to the steel door. I'll have to try that with whatever project I get done this year.

  6. Hi Nancy Lee, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I have enjoyed looking around yours! Your reindeer wreath is gorgeous and looks perfect on your door. Wendy

  7. How lovely! I'm still too afraid to try any of the Tilda characters - though I got the Studio book for my birthday! The magnets were a stroke of genius, though where I live I wouldn't be worried about the wind removing him, more the chavs!

    So for the whole cloth quilting are you just using the same kind of thread that you use in the sewing machine? The reason I ask is that I've got a similar project in mind and thought embroidery thread would be too thick...

  8. Nancy i love your reindeer wreath,well done on a beautiful finish.
    I also love tilda designs i have been in a few tilda swaps.

  9. Your reindeer wreath is wonderful. Looks like you had a productive FNSI!


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