Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas finishes

Intense concentration
Visions of sugar plums
My daughter and her housemate from school made a graham cracker and candy village this past weekend. Isn't it cute?
I made this garbage bag/pin cushion for my Aunt Rita's easy chair. I included a little pocket in the pin cushion so she can store scissors and/or crochet hook. They are forever getting lost in the chair cushions.
Cosy chair tidy
I also made her an owl pillow, from a pattern shared with my by partner in all fabric crimes, Sandra 
I am putting the machine away today -- really taking the sewing room out of the dining room -- to make way for the Christmas feasting.
My wish for all my blog friends is that you have a wonderful holiday season, the happiest of New Years, a full fabric stash, and endless inspiration! Merry and bright!

Comfort and joy


  1. Putting ... your ... sewing machine aw ... aw ... awAY??!?!?! Is that even POSSIBLE without black holes forming in the universe???!! I think NOT! But I will see you tomorrow morning to check if you've been taken over by aliens, lol!

    Cool new blog set-up - you have much more usable width to type and pop pictures in - I liiiiiiiiike it!!

    Nice village, and nice gifties for Aunt Rita!

  2. Awwwww... that owl is so sweet. Your Aunt is going to love it and the cozy chair tidy.

    And it looks like the girls had fun making that village. It sure turned out cute.


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