Monday, July 30, 2012

A dashing new dust cover is finished!

Look, I finished my sewing machine cover!
It features linen, free motion quilting, a Tilda embroidery, ric rac AND gingham bias tape. Those aren't polka dots on that fabric -- they are vintage buttons -- it is from a line by Lakehouse Dry Goods. Those are pink polka dots are on the top.
I made up the design, so I decided to put all my favourite things in one pretty cover. It is much nicer than the hideous vinyl thing that came as a "bonus" with my other machine.
Now Bernie has a lovely coat to wear when we can't be creating together. As we all know, it is important to look pretty, even when you aren't doing anything...
More importantly the new cover it will help protect her from the vast amount of dust she must live with day after day. :-)


  1. Oh wow, it's beautiful nancy, and it fits you so well. I don't mean like a hat, I'm sure it'd be too big as a hat, I mean it fits your personality!

    By the way, when I come to your blog, it's quite hard to read as there's a massive picture of a man in a green hat behind everything...

  2. oh, the man in the green hat disappeared after I left the comment... bizarre!

  3. There is just so much to love about Bernie's new cover. Love the embroidered angel and the button fabric.


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