Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Under wraps...

I am currently working on a project for next Spring's issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. Sadly, I can't share anything about it.
Okay, I can say it is a wall hanging for a baby or small child's room. It is pretty involved, and has a lot of hand work. Therefore, it is just my kind of project.
I will be back with some photos of other things I've been doing very soon. Watch this space ...
In other news,  my very talented Miss B graduated from teacher's college recently.
She is getting a special present, just as soon as I get the sashing done on the paper pieced blocks.
Oh yes, cue the circus music, I am entering the distracted crafter season, where summer tries to lure me away from my creative space and out into the big, wide world. Sigh.

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  1. Your Miss B is an exceptional young lady, as you may have long suspected ;) - I got a lovely thank you note from her last night for the bags :) I'll have to check out both projects the next time I'm over - I promise I won't spill any beans :D


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