Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back to our regularly scheduled program -- eventually, maybe

We were on vacation. I didn't do much of anything truly creative.
I sat by the lake and read book after book from my iPad. A total of 10 in all. It was my definition of bliss!
No doilies or tennis sweaters
Since we returned, I confess I seem to have left my creative mojo somewhere. I blame the heat. Last week, it was brutal. Even in the air conditioned comfort of my house, there was little will to do something creative. Sad, huh?
This week it is lovely and cool. I had some medical appointments to deal with, and once I was finally released on my own recognizance, I treated myself to a little troll through the local thrift shop.
I found a bag of old sewing notions, and in it, a little flower loom. These were popular in the early 1950s and again in the 1970s. This little treasure I found was in its pristine yellow box and the instructions were still crisply folded inside. I am looking forward to trying it out with more than just yarn. I am thinking pearl cotton and even rattan.
I will not be making doilies, or that interesting tennis sweater. I promise.
This week, in anticipation of actually feeling like making something, I managed to prepare some pattern templates to make some Tilda whales and the sailing girl from the new Tone Finnanger book, Seaside Ideas.
See that little polar bear????
Just as I was coming to grips with that, I found some more images from the upcoming book for Christmas 2013. Among the fun and fab projects to come will be a polar bear that is balancing a ball made of hexagons on the tip of his nose. I will be making him for sure.
And, let's not forget the fact I have yet to finish the blanket band for Miss B. Sigh. However, I did manage to finish the wall hanging for A Needle Pulling Thread. I can't show this one though, I have to wait until next Spring to reveal it.
Until I get my creative spark ignited, I will just have to envy the productivity all around me.


  1. Actually you probably SHOULD make a doily to see how it works - I need some 4" doilies for a little pouch from Zakka Handmades - if you learn how to do it first, you can teach MOI!

    I'm glad you're back :D

    OH! LOLOL I just +'d the photo and loomy makes 2.5" daisies - perfect, I'd say, for embellishing ... oh ... things in general!

  2. It was so hot & humid here, too, last week and now it's finally mild again and we've got some rainy relief. I just made a Tilda fox last night (from the fairytales book) and hope to stuff it soon. I know you will make some great whales & the sailing girl when you get your creative mojo back. That crochet doily/tennis sweater is hilarious. What a fun vintage find that flower loom is!

  3. I was browsing through a used bookstore today and came across Sew Sunny Homestyle by Tone Finnanger and I immediately thought of you. But knowing how much you love all things Tilda I figured you probably already had a copy of the book.

    Hope you get your creative spark back soon!


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