Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creating creative space...

The new table
I have been busy organizing and editing my creative space, trying to contain it in a specific area of the house. Let's be precious, totally precious, and call it my studio -- even though it is officially the den.
This is my Spoolie.
This all started because I wanted to get a Gidget sewing table for Bernie, my much loved vintage Bernina 830 Record. I did this. And, then, I moved everything up to the den. This is a bedroom over the garage. It is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. I have a fan and a little heater. I am going to be fine.
The table is facing the large windows and is filled with light when I open the blinds. The window opens and allows a breeze to flow through. I am kind of loving the new digs. It isn't nearly sorted out yet, but I have moved from the dining room.
There is no cutting table space in the new digs, so I will still have to use my giant cutting mat on the dining room table. I think it is a small price to pay.
Because the new space is also the spare room, it has a futon frame for various overnight guests, and a TV for my general entertainment.
It is a luxury to have a place where I can just be on my own. It is also fun to go through some of the stuff I have collected and decide that there are just a few projects that will never get done. I have passed them on to people who might enjoy them.
I have also been working on some projects for A Needle Pulling Thread, including Spoolies. These are my little creations to use up precious scraps and my beloved wooden spools. This is the project I will be demonstrating at the Fall Creative Festival in Toronto this October.
In other news: this month's letters section of Australian Homespun magazine has a photo of my Tilda kangaroos. I am not bragging. 
Mostly, I am justifying having my own sewing space...
In order to use up some fabric I found during my tidy up journey, I also made a few sea urchins from Tilda's Seaside ideas. Still working through the studio organization phase, but I hope to post some more photos of how well I did.
 In the meantime, I am off to get some more recycling bags. I use them to give my donations to Goodwill. I think it is nicer than the garbage bags -- after all -- it is not garbage. It's part of my cherished stash that I am willing to share.


  1. Hi Nancy!

    Well, lovely to see your blog for the first time and your newest entry on creative space!! Love the photos and reflections on how you were able to make the room work for you...a dream come true! It really is impossible to do serious creating when a space doesn't lend itself to being practical.

    Imagine trying to make dinner without a kitchen. Or other similar activities when things are hidden away throughout the house. That's the beauty of a personalized and specific area to create, love it.

    According to my husband I have just such a thing but this summer I had to revise it into a grandson cave...for when our 11-year-old James visited from the Rockies. Oh to get things back to where I can get at them...nothing worse than having things all over the house stashed out of sight, and worse, out of mind.

    Thanks again for this lovely read on creative spaces :) All the best, Stefani ox

  2. Just throw a tablecloth over the dining room table - then when you need to cut, you can WHIP it off, and VOILA - cutting prep! :D Invite me over so I can check out your new table and studio!


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