Saturday, February 22, 2014

Great Tilda titles I know, love, and own...

The Craft Cafe, a great facebook group -- I am lucky to be a part of it -- is not exclusively devoted to the creation of Tilda things, but there are a lot of us who are major fans of Tone Finnanger.
Recently, a new member asked me if I had a list of the books. She has some, she said, but she isn't sure she has all of them.
I am not sure I have all of them either, but I have a goodly number of them. So, I created a bibliography based on my library of Tilda titles. In the interest of public service, I will share it here.
I will also pin it on my Pintrest board, Tilda by Tone Finnanger.
This isn't quite as bad as my slavish devotion to Donny Osmond back in my TigerBeat days, but I have to concede, it is getting there.
Tilda makes me happy. Does Tilda make you happy too?

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  1. Tilda makes me happy because it makes YOU happy :)


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