Monday, July 7, 2014

I can read this like a book

I had fun with the details

In the past few weeks there have been some changes around here. The biggest one is that I am back at work as a night receptionist at a local counseling centre. It is a great job, and the people are fantastic, so I am feeling very fortunate.
But, my crafty life is suffering just a bit as I adjust to figuring out how to budget my time.
We are also traveling to the cottage on the weekends.
One of my favourite things to do lakeside is to become immersed in a good book. As an early adopter of e-readers, I really enjoy not having to pack up all my books. Electronically, I can cart around a few hundred books at a time.
The front and the hook and loop closure
There is one tiny glitch. It is not possible to read an iPad screen in bright sunshine.
So, I have a new job, so I treated myself to a new Kobo e-reader. It uses paper and ink display technology so that the screen can be read even in bright sunlight.
There were e-reader covers available. But, they were all boring. I figured I could do better.
For the most part, this was entirely true.
I decided to use some of my very precious Cath Kidston scraps, found on eBay a long time ago. I consulted some of the many tutorials available online. Filled with inspiration -- and really -- a lot of hubris, I started putting it all together. I used some graphics from The Graphics Fairy ,as well as a tiny scrap of Tilda fabric for the heart. I even stitched a bit of selvedge from Cath Kidston onto the interior pocket as an homage to my favourite shabby chic designer.
By Friday evening, I was finished. Or, so I thought.
I used the "beta version" of the e-reader cover on the weekend. I didn't like a few things about its construction. As I read through my book, I was also working out how to make revisions on the e-reader cover's original design.
An inside homage to my favourite purveyor of shabby chick
This afternoon, before I left for work, I finished the revisions.
I like the cover better now. It features sturdy interfacing, cotton duck fabric, and an interior pocket to store my library card and/or my Kobo card.
A fortunate find at the thrift store
This way, I can add to my library on the fly or at the lake.
In other news, I stopped by the Value Village near my new work place on the way home last week. I found my particular bliss: vintage buttons and a whole bag of wooden thread spools. And then, I also found a Cath Kidston zippered bag for $2.99.
Just some of the crazy things that make me happy. Hope everything is coming up roses and polka dots in your world too!


  1. A great find on the CK bag, its beautiful.

  2. There you are!!! Are you getting used to everything, and are the guys used to the changes? I'm glad you've found time to blog and sew - we should get together this week - what time do you leave for work? BTW - what VV did you go to - the one south of us, or the one north of us? I was just in the north one on the weekend with hubby - I needed a white flannel sheet for bib batting, hehe. Lovely work on the e-reader (delicious combination of fabrics and trims, as you always manage to do!) - congrats on the new reader as well - working has it's perks :D

  3. Oh wow that looks absolutely gorgeous, big hugs, love Margie ❤️


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