Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The holiday for the rest of us

Another Festivus has come and gone.
For many years now, our good friends come to our home and eat lots of nibbling foods, air our grievances and responsibly enjoy holiday cheer. This year, I gifted my gal pals Lisa and Jennifer with aprons decorated with a giant cupcake.
These gifts were greeted with delight. Gourmand Jennifer says she has never had an apron. Lisa is now considering taking up cooking.
Such is the nature of Festivus -- when good things come to those who weren't expecting it in the days leading up to Christmas.
Merry Merry!

Here is the detail of the cupcake applique. I used some very lovely sequins I found at Papier Valise. And, that's a yo-yo for the cherry on top. The icing is lightly quilted. I used steam a seam for the applique. Its pressure-sensitive adhesive allowed me to clip all the curved edges, turn them under slightly, and then press them for a very neat edge finish.
I found the applique pattern somewhere on the net. I apologize for not having the link. When I find it, I will repost.

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  1. Great aprons - I bet you ladies had a fun time Festivus'ing!


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