Friday, January 8, 2010

Tilda is a lot of fun!

In October, my friends Suddenly and Amanda were puzzling over a project in Suddenly's Studio of Adventure. I was not in on the tutorial, so I decided to snoop in the bookcase.
There I found Sew Pretty Homestyle Christmas. It is by Tone Finnager, and published under the Tilda brand.
I love all the projects in the book.
For Christmas this year, I made about 20 or so hats featured in the book. They are easy to sew and are a great way to use up bits of polar fleece and cottons or flannel.
I have collected three other of the Tilda books, and I have one on pre-order from Chapters. It is not due out until February of this year.
There are a few blogs out there devoted to those who love Tilda, including this one by a Finnish crafter and author who is also a devoted and talented creator of doll house miniatures.
Here is a link:

The photos are wonderful, and she has very kindly included an English translation. The crafty world is really talented and sort of small, when you think about it...
Today, my daughter and I went out for breakfast and then came home to tackle the task I like least -- undecking the halls. With her help, we were all finished by early afternoon. We had a celebratory cup of tea. She goes back to school on Sunday which makes me :-{, but we have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
I hope everyone out there has a great 2010!


  1. I hate un-decking the halls too. It's so sad. I try to enjoy my decorations as much as possible when they're up because before you know it...

  2. Suddenly signing in, lol!!

    I'm the recipient of one of the hats that my favorite tavern wench made and it's frigging adorable. I wore it today, as a matter of fact - can't go to No Frills or Walmart without my stylin headgear, you know!

    Have a safe trip home today, B!!


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