Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I heart royal tea towels

Cath Kidston's royal wedding tea towel
I have a sad confession to make: I enjoy the kitschy things produced in the UK during times of great royal celebrations.
This one is from Cath Kidston's spring line. Horrifically expensive to ship here, and the base price of C$20 is pretty daunting as well. However, I can admire the graphics from afar.
There is, you see,  the issue of never being able to use it as a tea towel. I don't think I could hang it on the wall, so I would bury it in the kitchen drawer. Then would come the sad Christmas Day when all the tea towels would be sopping wet from doing the after dinner dishes. Someone would pull out the Royal Wedding Tea Towel and before you can say Christmas Cracker, turkey grease all over the Abbey!
No. I cannot run that risk. I will just enjoy the picture.
It comforts me to know that I will soon receive the spring issue of the CK magazine -- they send it free to me. Therein, I will find ideas for creating a Royal Wedding party.
I would consider this, but for the fact the weddings take place in the morning there. This means in order to watch it live, we have to be up at around 4 a.m. to catch all the preamble. I just don't think entertaining at 4 a.m. is my style.
My mom and I watched Princess' Anne's wedding to Mark Phillips in the kitchen with the volume on really low. It was 5 a.m.
Years later, when I was working on my very first job as a summer student reporter at a little Toronto newspaper, I was again parked in front of the telly before dawn to watch Princess Diana marry Prince Charles. This time, we watched in the living room and had tea and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Never mind the fact that it was 5 a.m., and I had to cover a council later in the day. The meeting lasted until 11 p.m. I still remember how exhausted I was, and how all day long, people kept commenting on the Princess' train. Remember how it was still exiting the carriage while she was nearly halfway up the aisle of the cathedral?
Prince Andrew's wedding to Fergie also saw me up before the sun.
Princess Diana's funeral was a 3 a.m. tear jerker.
For me, these events have been all about the splendor and the circumstance -- watched through gritty, sleep-starved eyes. I love the music, the traditions of the Anglican service, and the hope we have that these two really love each other. It would be nice to witness a true fairy tale at 5 a.m. in the morning. The mugs and the tea towels are just the icing on the wedding cake for the fans.


  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have to say, I have NO interest in royal weddings (or royals in general)- other than the dress of course! Is it just this tea towel you want, or any Royal Wedding tea towel? I bet I can get you one at a knock down price after the event - would that do?


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