Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So there I was at the magazine rack...

Last weekend, I met one of my many Newfoundland cousins for lunch while she was in Toronto. We had a great visit, but then she had to get to the airport, so I had some time to kill waiting for Mr. Heaven to finish work.
I went to some of my favourite haunts on Queen St. and toured around -- Mokuba Ribbon, Arton Beads, a really funky store called The Outer Layer. 
Eventually, I ended up at the Eaton Centre's Indigo Bookstore. There, I wandered over to the crafts magazine section. I spied A Needle Pulling Thread -- Canada's lone magazine promoting needlework of all kinds.
I knew they had a submission from me in the can, and I knew the editor was planning to run it soon, but hey-ho, there it was! The link is here
There was just one person standing beside me, a sort of fashion photographer type. He was dressed in entirely in black, sporting an arty goatee, and black horned rimmed glasses. He very likely had very little interest in needlework. Still and all, I wanted to shove my page in his face and scream, "Hey! This is me! I did THIS."
But I didn't. I am proud of me for being restrained. And for being a published designer. It's really cool, gotta say ...


  1. YAY for page 54!! And to think I can say ... I knew her WHEN!!! ;)

    BTW - I would have grabbed Mr. Artzy Fartzy and shoved the magazine right in his face while screeching "I'm PUBLISHED! I'm PUBLISHED!" - restraint is over-rated!!! ;)

  2. OH WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's bloody brilliant! What was your project? Could you scan and email it to me as there's little chance of me finding the mag and I'd love to see your work in print. I'm so chuffed for you Nancy!

  3. Congratulations on having one of your designs published. I remember how thrilling it was the first time I had one of my stories published. May you have many more successes!


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