Friday, January 27, 2012

In only 93 days...

This is is what I did today
I had every intention of making something -- anything -- today. Alas, the January blahs preventing me from getting my plans from the drawing board to the finished-and-ready-for-its close-up stage. I did manage to print and prepare some templates. I guess I made them.
When I am this stuck, the only thing to do is to surf the 'net looking for inspiration. I stumbled upon wonderful news -- I can pre-order Tilda's Spring Ideas from the Book Depository. This I did.
I just love that they will ship it to me for free without having to spend a million dollars. This kind of deal is unheard of in North America.
In only 93 days, Tilda's Spring Ideas will be mine. It is just a little booklet, like Winter Ideas. For me, it is all about the eye candy!
I have seen some non-English sites featuring some of the projects contained therein. There is a new design range called Sewing Bird, which features stickers and scrapbook papers of little sewing-themed designs like button jars, ladies from vintage pattern envelopes, pin cushions, and sewing machines.
Sure, 93 days seems like ages, but I am sure it will fly by. It will go faster when I get out of this creative funk.
In the meantime, isn't that cover just soooo pretty?

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  1. Oh you're always the first to alert me when a new Tilda book
    Is due out! Thank you, I'll also join in the 93 day wait :)


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