Sunday, February 5, 2012

Now is our winter of discontent?

Hockey skills on solid ice
This year, winter in Canada -- where winter is usually held -- has been really disappointing from a cold/snow point of view.
There simply hasn't been any winter (as we understand it) to speak of.
DH has been trying against all odds to maintain the ice rink in the backyard. Some weeks, it has just been a lovely reflecting pool.
But last Monday, it was ready to host the great hockey skills competition of 2012 -- as invisioned by my nephews and their cousins. They had the day off school and the ice was frozen solid.
The kids arrived at 1 p.m. They were suited up and ready to skate by 1:15.
They stayed on the ice until 4:30 -- hot chocolate was delivered to them because they refused to leave the frozen fun.
DH was so happy that they had such a good time. It looks as though we might be in for a bit of cold weather soon, so he remains hopeful that we might have a few more days skating before it's time to call it quits and declare spring officially sprung.


  1. And 3 blocks away, with the same winter weather, some of us are rejoicing at the lack of cold, and pouting at the knowledge that it will (of course, because this is CANADA and we DO winter!) be back post-haste! ;)

  2. I'm so glad your hubby persisted and made the rink anyway. They may say "if you build it they will come" in the movies, but up here, it's "if you make it, they will play!"
    I agree, here in SW Ontario, it feels like we've moved to Vancouver as far as winter goes, but we snow bunnies are optimistic! We could get snow in May - it's happened before :)
    Canucks rule!

  3. And three provinces away, with weather that has turned colder, I'm more than ready for winter to be over. I am soooo not a winter person.


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