Friday, April 20, 2012

Cupcake wrangling

***No actual cupcakes were harmed in the creation of this post ***
Last Christmas, as icing sugar and flour flew like snow over the kitchen, my darling daughter was hunting for the cupcake accessories. These little things tend to hibernate in odd spots in the cavernous cupboard where the baking pans live.
Wild cupcake accessories contained
I came home from my folk music group rehearsal to find she had passed the time by re-organizing the baking cupboard. It was a lovely Christmas gift -- for me and for Goodwill. The charity shop inherited quite a few duplicated baking pans and cookie sheets. I got to do a happy dance because she found the removable bottom of my torte pan. Not that I make a lot of tortes -- but it is nice to have the proper pan complete and ready to use should the inspiration arise.
The cupcake accessories were neatly organized in its very own bin. However, they were not completely contained. Every time I needed a pan from the top most shelf of the cupboard, I managed to knock around a package or two of cupcake cases or the whole bunch of flower pot cupcake molds. No longer!
I made a little fabric box just for the cupcake stuff. I used a bit of tablecloth vinyl, and I quilted the liner by machine. It is pretty sturdy and this will help it keep its shape. I just zig-zagged top edge because it is a bin that hangs out in the cupboard. If it was out on display, I promise I would have used bias tape. I plan to do a few more of these types of boxes to wrangle a few other bits and pieces that always seem to end up where they shouldn't be.
Tonight is Friday Night Sew In. I don't really know what I will be doing, but I think it will involve some preparation for a special birthday project, rather than actual sewing. We will soon celebrate my mom's birthday. I found a little pine doll cradle while on a thrift hunt not long ago. I will be making bedding for it so that she can display a couple of her many dolls -- two little newborns dressed for a Christening. More on that project later. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Hmmmmmmm a torte pan with a removable bottom - I've seen recipes for goodies that are cooked in that pan, but always bypassed them because I don't have the proper pannage. Now I know from whom I can borrow one if I come across The Perfect Recipe! ;)

    I got my girly owl cut out and started - I just need to applique her little face on, add the ric rac and then sandwich/stuff her. She'll be born by tonight, and that's the girl set completed :) I'm going to cut out the boy owl tonight too - in fact I want to do 4 altogether, so I might just sew one and kit 3!

  2. Nancy what a lovely daughter doing that for you,have a good weekend.xx

  3. such a cute little box and a great idea. You need to be careful about posting what you've got on your blog, that Miss Sandra will swoop in and borrow it!!

    I didn't feel I could join in with FNSI this week as I didn't want to make a pillowcase for a US charity... stingy of me I know!

    1. Not so stingy. I had to consider the horrific cost of postage in this country and decide to concentrate my efforts on the treatment centre near my home.


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