Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun at the CreativFestival


Tilly starts her quilt before the show
On Saturday, I had the fun assignment of hanging out with some awesome needlework designers at A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine's booth at the CreativFestival in Toronto.We chatted with hundreds of people who were at the show to see what's new in fabric, notions, kits, sewing machines, quilting patterns, knitting, all forms of embroidery, beading, scrapbooking and paper craft, and weaving. There was even a group of people who get together to re-create medieval events. They were dressed in period costumes. Some were even carding and spinning wool.  
Japanese linen in all kinds of yummy!
My very large jewelry mannequin was a hit at the booth, so I explained to several ladies all about my love for the Tilda books, as well as sharing the info on how to get the books in Canada.  I was also pleased to show off my new Tilda angel -- I am calling her Tilly -- and she got rave reviews as well. All in all, it was quite an ego boost for me. Tilly seemed to be lapping up the compliments too.
Cheap and charming
There were quite a few free activities and workshops during the day, and I had been invited to show people how to make a felt needle book. To my immense relief, it was a full class, and everyone was very friendly, so I managed not to be nervous.We didn't have a chance to finish up, so I will be posting the instructions and tutorial for the projects in the next couple of days. Best of all, I have been asked if I would be part of the fall CreativFestival in October. I am looking forward to doing that!
It was a high energy event, filled with lots of creativity and a chance to shop for many new fabrics that are generally difficult to find in Canada.
They were also offered at Festival prices too, so it was pretty hard to stick to one or two choices. Truthfully, I didn't really bother to try...
I found some beautiful Japanese linens at easy to deal with prices. I picked up some fat quarters of Sweetwater Fabric's new line called Reunion, as well as some Benartex's Wordplay  quarters from Hamel Fabrics, a charm pack of Vintage Modern from Bonnie and Camille, and a charm back of cool Basic Grey fabrics.
Both of them were on sale for really good prices. How could I leave them there?
That's right, I could not. All in all, it was a great day out.
The weekend ended with a Sunday drive to Kingston ON -- three hours from here -- to pack up my daughter and move her back home.
Sweetwater Reunion
Her undergrad degree is complete, and she will begin a Bachelor of Education program in September. At the moment, the whole house looks like a bomb went off and all the furniture in the world ended up in our front room. She swears she will get it all in order today. I am just happy to have her, and her mess, back home.


  1. Oh Tilly is just gorgeous,you have done an awesome job of making her Nancy Lee,lovely fabric also.xx

  2. Oh how I wish someone had gotten photos of you teaching the class - I bet you were a hit! Tilly and her gorgeous curly red hair is spectacular ;)

    Thank you for my DELICIOUS Ghastlies fabrics - I'm not going to mention how much time I spent fondling them today *ahem*. And tomorrow I get to visit our Susan and do some fabric (and zipper! LOL!) shopping - life is GOOD!

  3. It was such fun seeing you again on Saturday. And "meeting" Tilly. She turned out just adorable.

    By the time I got finished wondering around to all the different booths, I was glad to be sitting down for the drive back to our middle daughter's place. My feet needed the rest!

  4. Hey well done on your success Nancy! Your Tilda doll is just lovely, a doll that doesn't freak me out for a change! I wish I could've been there. We wont get Vintage Modern over here for months so I'm jealous on that score!!


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