Friday, September 28, 2012

Sparkling things...

Sparkling Winter Angel
I finished my Tilda Vintage Angel from Sew Pretty Christmas.
I have to say, she was a bit fiddly. However, now that she is finished I am well pleased with her. The actual construction was not that difficult. The details were more challenging. Her hairstyle involved threading a wire through her head, and the winding the doll hair yarn over it. It was hard to keep the wire steady and even -- while adding the yarn.
This time, the stuffing of the figure was not a huge problem. I changed the fabric to Kona cotton in a colour called nutmeg. If you have never used Kona cottons, well, that's a shame. It is sturdy, but at the same time, soft. It also stands up well to the rigors of firmly stuffing the limbs and body. I think I am a convert.
In the book, this angel is holding a Christmas ornament. I want to have the doll out and about all the time, so I didn't want to make it too Christmas specific.
Sparkling Winter Wreath
I decided to create a winter wreath with little paper roses, leaves and a mushroom bird. I added some sparkle texture "snow", a product by Martha Stewart. It is pretty easy to use, and I really like the effect.
Finally, it was time to add the hot fix crystals to her painted shoes, wings and give her some jewellery.
Sparkling glass buttons
While I was waiting for her shoes to dry, I went out to Value Village for a little scouting trip. As ever, I found some wooden embroidery hoops for my upcoming session at The CreativFestival in Toronto (October 12, 13, and 14). As I was loading them into my cart, I spied a bag of buttons. I never pass up a bag of buttons.
When I put it into the cart, I noticed the yellowed tape on the two little bags inside the bigger bag. Yellowing tape could only mean one thing -- old buttons! I love old buttons, especially old glass buttons. I did not do a little happy dance out to the car. That would be weird -- well, in public anyway. Back at home, I did the happy dance. There were so many little treasures in the bags. I think my favourites are the little blue cameos.
Now that the Vintage Angel is finished, I am working on the pieces I will be using at the Festival.
Once again, I will be at A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine's booth on Saturday, October 13.
I will be demonstrating how to do surface embellishment of various kinds. I will be doing a little block, which will include stitching, beads and sequins -- and maybe even feathers.
More on that another day -- soon-ish!


  1. She's quite lovely - does she have a name? I was looking at your other Tilda angels (the ones in the front room) the other day and I remember wondering if they had names!

    I don't think I've tried the Kona cotton yet --- it seems to be all the rage now --- Sew Sisters even has a monthly Kona Club!

  2. Your Tilda holiday angel is so pretty.

    Kona Cotton is my favourite when it comes to anything that needs solids. I especially like Kona Snow... it can just be used in so many projects. The only complaint I have about Kona is that it frays really easily. But other than that, it is a joy to work with.

    Have fun at CreativFestival next month!

  3. She is just beautiful Nancy! I can't get over her dramatic wings and that sweet feminine dress. You've done amazing work here, very worth all that detailed effort. Now I'm interested in that Xmas book...
    Cheers to all things Tilda!
    (love how your Mabel turned out below, too)

  4. She's gorgeous, you are such a star at doll making!

  5. I've just seen her in the Craft Book Challenge linky - good luck!

  6. Your tilda angel is so pretty, the sparkle on her wings is a nice touch. Well done.


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