Thursday, September 13, 2012

All kinds of good gifts arrived today

An artful garden gift

While I was at the post office picking up a lovely package from loveTilda in the Netherlands, a lovely neighbour shared some of the harvest from her garden.
Now, lots of people might shove a few tomatoes in a plastic carrier bag, top it off with a couple of squash. And sure, that's a nice thing to do.
But, the lovely Luisa always offers things artfully and tastefully.
This year, the floral arrangement is actually mint and basil with a Blackeyed Susan in a sweet little pear nectar bottle. It's just a beautiful work of art, as well as a thoughtful gift.
I just love it gifts from the heart, given creatively.
The Tilda package features some fabrics from the new line, which is from a book called Tilda's Winter Dreams. The book isn't due out until mid October, but I have heard it is in Norwegian. I have heard nothing about an English version.
However, the colours in this fabric are so pretty, nothing will be lost in translation.
I also ordered some buttons to make a Santa figure in a stylin' jacket. Normally, I just make do with what I have on hand when making things Tilda, but the jacket needed the actual buttons in order for him to be, well, stylin'.
I haven't done much making at all this week. I'm just not keen for whatever reason. I hope this passes soon. If it doesn't, I am going to start feeling stuck.
Unstucking oneself is not so easy, and I keep seeing Christmas count down calendars everywhere now.
This is no time to be getting stuck!


  1. I'm just recently getting unstuck from being stuck for a monthish - I just didn't have the energy to do much of anything - I have no idea why! By the evening I couldn't even bear to climb the stairs because it was going to take more energy than I had. I'm slowly getting out of that "funk" - I wonder if it was a 50 thing or just a too dang hot thing, lol!

    Pretty Tilda goodies, pretty Luisa goodies!

  2. What a lovely garden gift from your neighbour! And on top of your Tilda mail, must have made for a really great day. Hope you're out of your creative stuckness soon.

  3. I think I may have seen some details about an English translation, I'm going to try and stock all of the Tilda books in the shop come the end of the year so I'll keep an eye out for you xxx


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