Thursday, February 28, 2013

Close quarters call for fat quarters

Teacup doll rescues cracked cup
We have had so much snow in the past few days there is nothing to do but acquire some cabin fever. For me, that means I make some things and then order some European sized FQs. (I also made the mistake of watching Hoarders, but let's push that aside. If you only order FQs, then it is not actual fabric. Everyone knows that...)
Among my new acquisitions is the new Tilda summer book.
It is in Norwegian, but once you know how to do a Tilda figure, all you really need is the pattern. Also, Google Translate does an excellent job in clearing things up when I can't figure it out.
I decided to also get some actual Tilda fabric to do the Princess and the Pea wall hanging, and there is a seaside girl in the summer book holding a toy boat. It reminds of me of visiting my family in Eastern Canada and playing in the ocean in Nova Scotia.
The howling wind and swirling snow convinced me that I needed the toy boat, so I ordered that too. And, said a fond farewell to the last of my Christmas gift card.
As always, I ordered my stuff from
Learning Norwegian
I like to support small web shops when I can, and as I have written before, I believe this is one of the best around. Rian has a good selection, and is always ready to offer a helping hand if you're stuck on an instruction or technique.
Ours is a big world, and it is nice to have a reliable source to buy the things you love. Lots of people miss having a little shop where you can pop in and find what you need, along with friendly service. I really can't stand being forced to shop in big box stores that offer a disappointing selection. My only other experience with a North American Tilda supplier was disappointing, frustrating and very unsatisfactory. (she gingerly gets down from her soap box ...)
Sailing away
As I wait for the weather to clear, I will get busy on "dressing" my mannequin. I started on it the other day, but the mojo wasn't quite right. I set it aside.
I am learning slowly that sometimes, that's the best course of action.
Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Hello nancy Lee,your new tilda project is beautiful. You did a good job making her from a book not written in English.

  2. the book looks fab, must put it on my wish list! Did you make the teacup doll? She's so sweet!

    I watch Hoarders too, it scares me...

  3. Teacup doll looks like she's ready to bake us some nice lemon poppyseed scones - let me know when I should come over with my empty plate, LOL!

    My kids watched a Hoarders (sheesh, what's the word when they play a lot of episodes of one show, all in a row? I can't think of it!) xxx (?!) a few weeks ago - both of them went upstairs and decluttered their rooms. C in particular really took it to heart - we ended up with quite a load for Goodwill - it was GREAT! I think for people who may have a TOUCH of the hoarder gene, it's a great way to snap some sense into us so we don't get to that stage!

  4. That teacup doll is just so adorable!

    I watched one or two episodes when it first came on but have discovered that I can't watch Hoarders or the other shows like it as I get so upset for the people that I just want to get in there and clean and clean until their homes are safe again. But I know from experience trying to help a friend while we lived in Rome, GA that the solution goes much deeper than just cleaning and purging. It's just so sad.

    On a brighter note... I checked your local forecast and it looks like things are going to start warming up starting Tuesday. Spring is on it's way!!

  5. Oh joy joy! This new Tilda summer book looks amazing, just like the previous winter one. I do love those soft colors. And the toy boat - too cute!
    You did an amazing job on your teaspoon lady in that precious pink cup. Looks to me like you've got plenty of creative mojo going on, Nancy.
    Great job on the mannequin in the current post - you've delighted the rest of us, too!
    Have fun at the Toronto event,


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