Friday, February 22, 2013

Here's the hoop-la

I have been working on my hoop-la design.

I have spent the past few days having fun with the kids, who have been on their Reading Week break from school. Even though they are quite mature -- and they frequently tell me I am not -- we  have been enjoying our time together.
What with the shopping trips, having a nice dinner out, and watching movies on TV, my creative time has been a bit sidelined.
However, I did finish sketching out the hoop-la design for the CreativFestival in Toronto this April. I will be showing people how to do embroidery stitches and other surface embellishments at A Needle Pulling Thread magazine's booth.
 This is a lot of fun for me, since I enjoy talking with people, and showing them how to do something they think they can't do. In just a few minutes, they usually gain confidence and after they try a few stitches, they are eager to try more. This is how our ancestors taught the skills we were slowly losing, and certainly, I learned at the elbows of talented older needleworkers. I am glad to be part of the renewed interest in embroidery and surface design, and happy to share what I know with others.
 I like the way my little Tilda bunting flags dress up the design. The next step is to trace it onto linen and tack down the flags using fusible tape. I plan to fix just the very tops of the flags, to create some texture and allow the bottom flags a little "movement". I am considering which colour to use for the script. I was leaning toward red, but I think a deep pink might be nicer on the cream coloured linen.
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all! Who knows? I might even get my mannequin dressed -- as soon as everyone gets back to the books.

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  1. such a pretty hoop! Wish I could come to the CreativFestival to see you there...


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