Friday, March 15, 2013

A Tiny Tilda bear on a tiny perfumed chair

I finally finished the tiny bear from Tilda's Winter Wonderland.
Now, those little details might drive some people crazy. Not me, I love them. She was a perfect armchair project once all the little seams were completed using the machine.
Next, I am doing tiny bunny.
The bear's little perch is an old perfume bottle from Avon. It is a replica of an old fashioned ice cream parlour chair. The base of the chair contained creme perfume and the top is a pin cushion.
It was included in a pile of things my Aunt was editing from her house, and was on its way to Goodwill. But first, I was invited to rifle through the pile before it went to the thrift store.
Surprise! Buttons and a wooden spool also came home with me.
The Avon bottle even had a bit of creme perfume in it -- until I got it home.
 Perfume doesn't travel well from 1973 to 2013. It was quite a weird smell. Not unpleasant exactly, but not something one really wants hanging around. I scooped out the rest with a craft stick and paper towel and washed it thoroughly. Now it is a benign keepsake of the summer I learned to make my own clothes under the careful guidance of my auntie, who has always shared herself and her talents with me.


  1. Your bear is adorable Nancy! I love her wardrobe choice. Did you get her red buttons from the Tilda line? You really did a great job on her detailed work. I made a few goofs (like stuffing Mr. Bunny's ear when they aren't meant to be), but it is such fun working with these creations from the fairytale book. Enjoy!
    Such a nice memory of your aunt, too.

  2. Hi Nancy. your bear is just so sweet, you did a great job.

  3. oh that is incredibly cute! Can't wait to see the bunny

  4. So cute, what a gorgeous little bear and I love the story of the chair.


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