Friday, April 12, 2013

Literally, just limping along...

Birthday purses for some old friends
A couple of weeks ago, I sprained my ankle. It hurt quite a bit. So much that I voluntarily went to the doctor. I even had an x-ray to make sure it was not broken. All this got in the way of my creative pursuits and writing blog posts.
Turns out it isn't a difficult as one might think to sprain an ankle when there are little piles of frozen snow in the driveway, strategically frozen in just the right place to step and twist upon on the way into the car. On the morning I did it, I sort of fell into the car after the slip and twist event. It was not graceful, but at least I was in the car. It didn't even hurt right away.
The pain emerged at the grocery store, and was horrible on the drive home because I had sprained the foot that does all the pedal business involved in driving.
We have had some freaky weather lately, freezing, thawing, snow, rain, freezing and more thawing. Despite all best efforts, there was bound to be some snow and ice to trip me up. And so, I was forced to prop up my foot and ice it down -- 20 minutes at a time all day long. At one point, Sandra came over to visit and brought me some fabric with Russian dolls all over it. This brought great joy, and as usual, Sandra herself cheered me up and swept away my grumpy mood immediately.
During this foot propping, iced-over sprained ankle adventure, I was able to do a lot of armchair projects.
First up, are some linen/cotton coin purses, made for girlfriends I have known since childhood. We got together to celebrate our birthdays, so I was able to limp in to the restaurant bearing handmade gifts.
I also finished three ornament designs for A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine's Festive issue, which is due out in August/September of this year. (This is now available in digital format now through Zinio and Apple Newsstand) I can't post a photo yet, but the ornaments I designed are inspired by vintage gift tags. They are embroideries in retro colours, mounted in four-inch embroidery hoops. They can be used as package toppers, gift tags or tree decorations. I had a blast doing them, and I hope the readers like them too.
Then, I fulfilled a long time desire and made a Tilda Kangaroo. This pattern was featured in Australian Homespun Magazine in 2008. The stuffing and construction was just the kind of project I needed to keep me busy and occupied while I waited for the ankle to start feeling better.
The kangaroos are now awaiting their face painting and final touches, and my ankle is less painful now. I found I could even do some sewing at the machine yesterday. Next up: walking outside. But, not today, we have had freezing rain again last night. I think I will keep the ice on my ankle -- not under foot.
 Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Your coin purses turned out lovely and the kangaroos are adorable. Sprained ankles are no fun. Been there, done that. Hope your ankle is fully healed soon.

  2. Oh dear I hope your ankle gets better very soon. I love your coin purses ans the kangaroos. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Love those coin purses and what cute Roos too.
    Hope the ankle gets better soon.

  4. oh no, sorry to hear you hurt yourself, I hope it's getting better now. I've never known anyone have a long-term dream of making a kangeroo, but he turned out great, so well done! Love the coin purses, so sweet.

  5. Hey Limpy - cute 'roo, and even cuter baby 'roo! Get better soon - we need to have a girls night out - it's been too long!

    D and I went to That Sewing Place today to pick up my scissors, which were in for sharpening. They weren't able to do the pinking shears (but had warned me that might happen), but my old (30+ years, I believe) Singer shears are RAZOR sharp now - oh my, what a difference! They've ordered me a circular stitcher for my low shank machines - I've been looking for one of those for a long time now :D They're quite a lovely shop, as you well know!


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