Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finishing up before the Festival

Finished roos!
I have managed to finish a number of things in the past couple of weeks. The kangaroos are finished, faces blushing, eyes painted on and the baby's hair bow and heart in place
Then, I made a basket of fabric tulips. I found a tutorial on how to make them, but it is not in English, and though fairly straight forward, I elected to re-draft the patterns to make them easier. I also added a few touches of my own -- I do that with alarming frequency.
This basket of flowers will be coming with me to the CreativFestival this weekend in Toronto, where I will be showing folks how to do a piece of wall art framed in a fabric hoop.
Last weekend, I went to Ottawa to visit my cousins. I made them some little change purses. They got rave reviews, and made me appear terribly clever. I made them small because they are all hikers and walkers. These little purses are small enough to slip into a pocket and could contain enough cash to pay for a little treat like a coffee or an ice cream cone -- a reward for putting in the time to hike.
Now, I am off to finish packing up for the festival. Photos to come!
Have a great week, y'all!
Sewing the tulip blossoms in a chain

Fabric tulip in a basket to welcome Spring

Purses for the cousins' coins


  1. All your projects are gorgeous, the roos are so cute and I love the little purses. xx

  2. I love your projects Nancy Lee, the tulips are so pretty, how do you make them.

  3. Wow, Nancy, you've been busy! The kangaroos are adorable and your tulip basket is gorgeous. They look like a perfect bouquet, and the good thing is they won't die off like the real ones. :)
    No wonder your coin purses were a big hit - I love that fabric.

    Thanks so much for thinking of us here in the Boston area last week. It was such a sad and bizarre week. I lived in Watertown for 10 years and my husband & I got married there. It was so hard to see our old hometown under siege. No one we knew was hurt or involved in the marathon, thank goodness. The whole thing is so sad.

    Oh, and I visited Ottawa once years and years ago for a work trip. It was in August and we stayed at that fancy big hotel that looks like a castle, near that beautiful long river. Your cousins have a lovely city!

  4. The tulips backfired, my dear - it snowed here today, so I know it snowed on you too! @()#*$&)@#($*&)*(@#$ !!!! Sweet 'roos, and I'm sure those little coin purses were appreciated - they are CUTE!

    Good luck @ the Creativ Festival - you should link to it in your post!

  5. Love those kangaroos. And the tulips.

    I have some of those smaller frames but haven't gotten around to making them into purses yet.

    Have fun at CreativFestival again this spring. I still use the little needle book I made from your giveaway at the Festival last spring.

  6. your roos are so cute and I love those tulips, just beautiful! Have a wonderful time at CreativFestival - one year I'm coming to visit you there!


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