Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spam is driving me batty

The demonstration piece
I must first apologize for some changes I've had to make to the comments section of Heaven Is Handmaid.
Sadly, you will now have to prove you are not a robot, a spammer, or a very badly behaved person trying to sell me a number of things not at all related to the gentle art of handmade.
For the past week, I have been perplexed and confounded by the weird spam comments that have landed in my email box. There have been no less than 40 useless, tasteless  -- and some very annoying -- "comments" in the past 10 days
The verification will stay on for the foreseeable future. I understand if you would rather not deal with the verification process. But, I just can't deal with this stuff anymore.
When I started with little venture, I wanted to share the things I do, and see what other people do. I have enjoyed "talking" with so many of you over the years. The fact that this is a bad patch will not deter me from keeping the blog going. It might make you unwilling to "visit" with a comment, and while that makes me sad, I understand completely. I just can't cope with the spam clogging up my inbox. End of rant. Sorry.
Please just bear with me until the spammers go away.
Work in progress at the booth
 On to other things: some photos from the CreativFestival on the last weekend of April in Toronto.
I had a great deal of fun talking to people, and showing them how to frame their embroideries in second hand embroidery and quilting hoops.
It was so surprising to see so many young people there -- men and women. I chatted and demonstrated for a couple of hours, and did a little fabric shopping, but not too much. I was home and exhausted before dinner.
Altered mannequin shared the table


  1. I love your embroidered 'Sew Vintage' piece Nancy! It is adorable with the little heart and scissors. Glad to hear you enjoyed the CreativFestival. I'm sure the visitors learned a lot from you. It's good to hear the young folk are crafty!

  2. Apparently my blog isn't attractive to spammers, as I get very little of that crap, lol. I just looked now to see if there were any comments in the spam folder (I rarely check) and I found 2 from December, LOL. I guess I don't have what it takes! THANKFULLY :D

    I'm glad you had a good time @ the Creativ Festival - thanks for my fabricy goodness (yes, I *will* use the Echino for myself!) - I wish someone had taken a picture of you doing a demo - that would have been cool! Next time!


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