Monday, November 11, 2013

Patchwork pass pocket

My pool pass is not a hardy piece of plastic. It is a little business card, made of paper, and if it gets damp, it will become paper pulp.
 I was going to make a holder using fabric and vinyl. However, if vinyl gets damp, it is impossible to take the pass out. I have to take the pass out to get it initialized each time I take a class. Some time ago, Sandra, my partner in all fabric crimes, shared some cotton/linen scraps with me. I hoarded them away for months...literally months...before I found what I wanted to do with them.
 This little pass pocket has two sections, one for the pass and an larger one for tucking away a note book or some additional notices or other pool related paperwork. The pockets are made from Tilda fabric, also carefully put away until the perfect project came along. The ric rac and the little gnome label were just for fun.
The outside embellishment was inspired by the lovely work of  Elin Pellinkhof and Amy from the nanacompany. I had those little red glass buttons set aside to make cherries for .... something... I just didn't know what until I had the patchwork outside put together. Designing is like that sometimes. I am just glad I had put them aside, but kept them accessible. 
(The rallying cry of makers everywhere!)
I now have a wonderful little pass pocket that tucks securely into my swim bag. I makes me smile every time I get my pass initialed.


  1. Oh it's beautiful! That scrap of linen with the gnomes is gorgeous and I love the cherry.

  2. Paper pulp = not good ... pass pocket = VERY Zakka and good ... and pretty :) Cherry-licious, even!


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