Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What has she been doing?

I made 30 of these mittens ornaments for the crafts sale at my mother's long term care residence. I found that tracing them out over Press and Seal made it easier to create an outline on the felt. Once you cut them out, the Press and Seal peels right off, and you have a clean line with no phantom ink on the felt. The pattern is from nanacompany.

I cut out, stitched, and stuffed a Tilda Winter Wonderland polar bear, but I have yet to stitch the legs on. Christmas preparations are taking precedence right now.

Some presents finished. I found the patterns on the Sew magazine (UK) website. The little dog is for my mom. I was at a loss as to what to get her. I think she will like this little guy. The patchwork teacups are both fiddly and time-consuming, but they make for a spectacular finish.


  1. Everything is so cute - I can't wait to see Mr. Bear finished after Christmas - he's quite adorable!

  2. I do love those mittens. I have no idea what press'n'seal is though!! The bear is going to be fabulous, you are so good at those Tilda dolls.


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