Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some scraps are too precious...

The Spring 2014  issue features two projects by me!
 This April, I will be at the CreativFestival in Toronto. I have been asked to do a trunk show of projects that use fabric remnants and scraps. As we all know, scraps are the prize in the cereal box to those of us who are slightly to addicted to fabric. This is something unassuming about scraps and remnants. They weren't intentional. They weren't really an integral part of the calculation of  yardage. Some people even (gasp) throw them out.
I collect them from all over. I have raided the scrap bins of friends and dived into remnant bins at quilting shops. I know the secret thrill of finding a gem -- nay -- a treasure -- amongst what others considered wastage.
And now I get to share how to use them up with other people who likely have the same affinity for the fabric flotsam and jetsam of the creative fibre life.
Here's the problem: at the moment, I have few examples. My stock of finished projects were wrapped as Christmas presents, or donated for charity sales.
 So, I have been holed up in the sewing room, making some things to talk about in the CreativFestival's Needlework Nook.
I will be doing a presentation, and then we will be doing a little pincushion project.
Tilda turtle, a work in progress....
In order to get ready, I have been pawing through my scrap stash, particularly my very cherished stash of Tilda fabric scraps. I have been doing hexies and pentagons, which met up in a turtle pincushion, based on a design by Anni Downs, an Australian designer. 
I love turtles and I actually have about 150 of them in various figural forms. This little guy will be a treasured part of the collection.  
I also did a Tilda patchwork teacup, because, you know, that is just cute.
Next up, a patchwork hoop-la. It calls for 1.5 inch squares -- so that's challenging.
The scraps just keep on coming....
Look, it's a Tilda teacup!
Getting ready for my scrap-tacular trunk show!


  1. Are you saying that people can actually be addicted to ... fabric???!?! SAY IT AIN'T SO!! ;)

    Congrats on the projects being published - I'll have to take a peek at the magazine the next time I'm at your house :)

  2. congratulations on being published again! I don't think we can get that magazine over here. Love the turtle, he's so cute, I didn't know you were a turtle-fan. The teacup is also adorable!


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