Friday, January 10, 2014

The winter of our discontent...

Ice laden branches
We had a huge ice storm three days before Christmas. The ice weighed down the trees and then took out the power lines.
The power was out for nearly 30 hours (thank goodness for the gas fireplace). We cooked on the gas barbecue. The tea was awful. Just sayin'
It was a big surprise for this gal, who ALWAYS seems to be sewing at almost the 11th hour at Christmas.
Since there was no power for Bernie, I did some hand sewing. I played around with pentagons and hexagons. I made small, medium and large Tilda patchwork ball decorations. I used my clip Ott Light. I clipped it to the front of  my hoodie and worked away. The light was more than adequate to work with.
During the daylight hours, I was able to do more involved hand sewing  So far, my medium Tilda Winter Wonderland polar bear has legs attached. But, I had to set him aside to, you know, re-enact pioneer living by cooking outdoors in day light, and finding batteries, which we apparently hide all over the house...
Hockey on backyard rink
By Christmas Day, everything was back to normal. Although, many trees in our area did not fare well. We lost our backyard juniper tree. It was laden with ice -- it is estimated that 55 cm of frozen rain fell. The trees were coated in ice and the branches were so heavy they could not withstand the wind that followed. Many trees in our area lost branches and some cracked down the middle.
The juniper It isn't harming anything at the moment, so we will leave it for now and remove it in the spring. Right now, the birds don't care, they still perch in the split tree when they need a rest.
Miss B is bound for the UK to take up a teaching position, so I did some projects for her to remind her of home. She promises to find me some Tilda stuff and Cath Kidston off cuts. That is the only reason I am okay with all of this.
I hope everyone is having a good new year so far! I am hoping to be a better blogger in this new year. Honest.

Tea cup present for Vicky

Pink Penguin lunch bag for Miss B

Waffle weave cotton blanket with quilted bands. UK bound!


  1. At least we have *real* weather here, LOL! Our power was out for the same amount of time as yours - I like to refer to it as having lost power for a week ;) It FELT like a week, anyways! And having learned a very hard lesson during said power outage, I now have a good stock of headlamps (FOUR of 'em!) and AAA batteries :) I was BORED.TO.TEARS with no TV, no sewing machine, no computer - I had enough candles to keep us from bumping into furniture, but not enough to read by. Fatal error, that! But now rectified :D Pretty projects - can you get a full picture of the blanket for Miss B? But hurry - she's leaving soon - EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I know mom and dad must have mixed emotions about that! She's a good girl, and smart - she'll do well :)

  2. I do not envy you that weather, I'll stick with our rain! That tea cup is adorable!


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