Monday, April 21, 2014

A hoppy and warm Easter!

Happy Easter!
Finally, some nice weather has arrived in my part of the world.
The Easter weekend was very joyous because we could finally sit outside for pre-dinner drinks for a while before the wind turned chilly and sent us back inside.
I made a little bunny for my mom. I also made  seven tiny rabbits for my family and friends. Some of the mini bunnies were tucked into mini terracotta pots with Easter grass, others were nestled into Easter eggs, tucked into egg cups.
Now, I am busy getting ready for my workshop on having fun with scraps at the CreativFestival in Toronto next Saturday.
We are making a little pincushion which will perch on a golf tee. The tee can be set into a thread spool for a portable pin perch.

Next week, I will post a tutorial and some photos.
I will be making up little kits over the next couple of days, and getting my show and tell items packed up and ready for my presentation at the International Centre on Airport Road.
Have a wonderful Spring, now that spring is here.


  1. Appreciative recipient of a terra cotta pot bunny signing in! I showed her to hubby's family @ our Easter dinner - the ones that knew how to sew, were as amazed as I was, at how you managed to work with such tiny little pieces :D I'm so glad spring FINALLY arrived here - that was a long winter to be endured!

  2. WOW!!! all your Easter creations are just gorgeous...

  3. how gorgeous, though you knew I'd like them! I really have to make some of those bunnies in pots, or I could go round and steal Sandra's!

    Have a great time at the show


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