Saturday, April 5, 2014

Park your pins and needles here

Park your pins here...
I was trolling around Michaels recently, and I found these very cute frames in the $1.50 bins near the front of the store.
 I think they are meant to be used as party favours or place card holders for weddings and other fancy events.
A while ago, I found a pin on Pintrest by a crafter named Natalie, who is over at Doodlecrafts.
She created some pincushions using these kinds of frames. But, she used cork board and I didn't have any.
Also, I am a bit obsessed about having tidy backs of things (it's a bit of an issue left over from when I did a lot of cross stitch. I am trying to relax about it now, but not with this project).
Anyway, inspired by Doodlecrafts' creation, I did a little bit of tweaking to the original idea.
These pin parks are great for sewing needles. I find they get lost in the pincushions I use. These are shallow enough to corral the needles, and they can't get lost. Unless you don't make one and use it. So, here is a little photo essay about  what I did:

Pop the plastic from the frame. Trace the opening onto card stock.

Run a bead of white glue around the opening. Close the back.
Cut a bit of quilt batting to match the card stock.
Use a bit of glue stick to make the card stock a bit tacky.

Pick a cute scrap. You know you've been saving them...

Put the batting onto the fabric, and bit of fiber fill onto the card.

Press this sandwich down flat. Run a bead of glue around the card.

Tuck the corners, and then the sides, of the fabric around the card.

Some filling might try to escape. Poke it back down. Seal up the last side.

Put a puddle of white glue into the frame. Pop the little cushion into the space.

Park your pins. Make them for your quilt-y friends. Have one everywhere you sew.


  1. People save scraps??!! Who knew? ;) Pretty pincushion - the pirate bird scrap is a hoot, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Such a simple tutorial . I like the fact no fancy craft supply's are need . It's all kinds of stuff most basic crafters will have in there stash , apart from the frames . I live in Ireland , we don't have shops like Michaels , Hobby Lobby & Lowes ! If ever there was a reason to emigrate ............


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