Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making friends at the Creativ Festival this weekend

Percy, the pentagon snow person, is getting ready for his close up this weekend
This weekend, I will be back at the Creativ Festival in Toronto. I will be demonstrating how to make things from hexagons and pentagons on Saturday afternoon at A Needle Pulling Thread's booth.
I might also do some shopping...as if there was any doubt.
Included in my bag of tricks will be this little snow person, created from three different sizes of stuffed balls, which were created by joining pentagons together.
I love doing these English Paper Piecing projects because once I have cut out the cardboard pieces, and trimmed the fabric to match, I can take them along where ever I go.
This particular snow person came together over a weekend at the cottage. It was weird making a snow person while sitting by the lake when the temperature was a balmy 26 degrees, but that's how I roll.
In other exciting news, my copy of Homemade and Happy, the latest Tilda book, is currently winging its way to me from the UK.
Wish me luck this weekend!
I will try to remember to post some photos of the booth, and whatever leaps into my handcrafted shopping bag.


  1. Hi Nancy!! I love Percy!! He's great! I am still waiting for my copy of Homemade and Happy.... I am hoping that it will be shipped to me next week! Fingers-crossed!! Have a wonderful time at the Creativ Festival... it sounds great!! Don't spend TOO much money!! :) xx

  2. Percy is very handsome - I'm sure he'll make lots of friends (already evidenced by his little feathered friend) and inspire many people on the weekend! Have fun @ the festival - it's not cranberries, but I bet it'll be almost as fun, LOL!! Can't wait to see what you find ;)

  3. good luck at the festival, I wish I could come along!


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