Thursday, December 4, 2014

Father Christmas at our house!

Preparing the applique pieces.
Father Christmas and his tree.
For the past three weeks, I have been creating the Father Christmas from Handmade and Happy, the new Tilda book by Tone Finnanger.
Today, I finally finished him.
I use silk thread to do the applique.
I am very pleased with myself -- and him. This is the first project I have been able to do using Tilda fabrics I was able to purchase in Canada at Evelyn's/The Quilt Store in Newmarket ON. (not quite 25 minutes north of me).
I thought I would share some of the WIP photos, as well as the finished Father Christmas.

This is an excessively labour intensive project, but it's just the sort of thing I like to tackle.

This part doll/part quilt.
It is designed to hang, not sit.
At the moment, he is hanging out on the stairs with the garland and the Van Craig dancing girl ornaments. The jolly old elf seems quite content with the company. I hope Mrs. Claus doesn't get wind of this.

This little bird is so sweet. It took forever!


  1. Hi Nancy! Congratulations on finishing Father Christmas, you have done a fantastic job... he looks great! He seems to be very happy on the stairs! What is your next project going to be or are you done now until after Christmas? :) xxx

    1. HI Christine!
      Oh my goodness! I am so far behind in my Christmas sewing. But, I live in hope that I will conquer the list -- even if I am chained to machine until Dec. 24. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your to do list as well.

  2. OMG you got him done! He's quite an elegant gent, although his behaviour with the Van Craig Dancing Girls is shocking. SHOCKING, I say! Mrs. Claus will be sent a note ... just sayin!

    1. Oh, SANDRA :-)! You just make me laugh out loud. Which is a very good thing. <3

  3. he is just adorable! I knew he was a Tilda as soon as I saw him. I think he needs some reindeer friends...

    1. The friends will have to wait until next year, Wendy. I am rapidly running out of time. Merry Christmas, dear friend!


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