Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How can it be March already?

My poor, neglected blog.
I feel terrible. I have been ignoring it for many, many weeks.
It's not intentional. It's life.
At Christmas, we were all dealing with some horrible, evil virus. It ruined our celebrations, and it sidelined virtually all handcrafting, sewing, and the like. It was all I could do to sit up and be present at Christmas dinner -- and it was our hosting year.
Mostly, I just sat at the table, pushed the turkey dinner around, and waited until it was time for everyone to leave so that I could go back to bed where my Vapo-Rub and tissues awaited.
Oh, it was miserable.
I have been working away on many projects for QUILTsocial.com
For next month's posts, I am going to be working on a project that will mostly hand quilting, embroidery and embellishment.
A sneaky peek of the jewellery clutch
I just finished a jewellery clutch project for A Needle Pulling Thread's Summer issue. It was a lot of fun to do. I can't really show it off, but I can share a photo of the raw materials. Isn't that fabric lovely?
In other news, yesterday was my birthday. My crafty pals on the Facebook Page, The Craft Cafe, have created a birthday block swap. Over the course of the year, we make each other 12 inch blocks sent in the month of our birthday, in our preferred colours. I picked reds/creams.
Yesterday, I received some lovely parcels from Norway, Italy and the UK.
Sure, the Internet can sometimes do harm, but it can also connect us in beautiful ways. So far, I have churned out four blocks for birthday girls, and sent them off to their forever homes. I can't wait to see how the finished quilts look. Here are the block that have arrived so far:
From Christine

From Annabella

From Janne

From Fiona

From Jill


  1. Hello Nancy! So sorry that you had such a miserable Christmas.... if it is any consolation my family also had a nastly cold bug which laid everyone low! Isn't this block swap a fabulous idea! I am so excited to see the finished quilts and what special quilts they will be! Have a wonderful day! :) xx

  2. Neener neener I saw the jewellery clutch today in person, and it is GAWJESS :D You didn't get to keep it very long though, lol! Pretty birthday blocks - I love that house block, with the goodies behind each window!


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