Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Holiday plans in my fortress of solitude

Lots of materials in the kit

Tomorrow it is a holiday in Canada -- Canada Day! It is the 148th anniversary of our country's confederation as a nation.
It is a holiday that never moves, so sometimes it happens mid-week, as it does in 2015.
I am spending my day in the fortress of solitude (aka my studio) working on this Tilda swimming girl because everyone else will be working.
I consider this a gift -- a Canada Day gift.
I will also be listening to an audio book, Inferno by Dan Brown.
Sure, it's fairly sedate way to spend a vacation day, but I am looking so forward to it.
So far, I have sewn her up, clipped all her curves, and turned her right side out. Tomorrow comes the onerous task of stuffing a Tilda figure. This can sometimes go quite badly and I have to start again. I don't like lumps or giving my figures a horrible neck wrinkle. It take some luck and skill to get it looking good, especially with those skinny arms and legs.
In this particular version, the hair is painted on, which will be anew technique for me, but I am up for the challenge, since I fell in love with this doll when I first saw it back in December or January.
Sewn, curves clipped and turned
I ended up ordering the kit from Art Attack. It is a US-based online shop, with excellent customer service and decent pricing. I highly recommend them.
I will post some more photos of  this bathing beauty as soon as missy is ready for her close-up.

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