Saturday, June 27, 2015

I've pre-ordered my flying monkeys

Tone Finnanger's Tilda range is hitting the toy box on September 25, 2015.
That's the release date for the new book Tilda's Toy Box. I've pre-ordered from Book Depository in the UK because they offer free shipping no matter where you live in the world.
This new book is aimed at sewing specifically for children.
There are also two new lines of fabric : Autumn Tree and Sweetheart. I am not entirely sure I will see either of them in stores here, but I can certainly admire them from afar. I have also found a pink polka dot fabric which is very close to that delicious red and white polka dot fabric.
The premise of the book is one of adventure, specifically, adventures little ones can go on with that sweet huge headed doll. The doll has outfits for adventures on the high seas as a pirate, exploring the jungle with some very cheeky monkeys, and even making a sweet little quilt fort for adventures that happen closer to home.
I am pretty sure my monkey loving daughter will be wanting a monkey, while I am looking forward to making that bird house purse. I don't plan to walk around with a bird house purse (although I might, you just never know), the house purse will actually become part of my Christmas house decorations. I even bought some battery operated LED mini lights for it on my last trip stateside, where such things are not only readily available, but also do not cost the earth.
The chances are good that I will put wings on my monkeys -- Wizard of Oz style. Because you know, I've always wanted to have my own army of flying monkeys...I just think they will come in handy now and then.
Now all I have to do with wait for 89 days until I get the book. What will I do?
Two new fabric lines!

I will likely make monkeys with wings...


  1. I have mine on order too Nancy! I can't wait!! The new fabric lines look lovely.... will have to add some to my collection ;) x

  2. Oh everything looks too cute! Counting down the days...I know your creations will come out amazing as usual Nancy!


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