Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A number of lovely friends helped me make this!

Artsy shot of the back
Last year, I agreed to join a birthday block swap on a Faceboook group I belong to called the Craft Cafe. We've been meeting up for the past few years, sharing our crafty life and a laugh or two.
There are 12 people in the swap. Each of us agreed to make 12.5 inch blocks in the recipient's colour choice, to be sent in the month of the recipient's birthday.
My birthday in March was filled with lovely packages from all over the world, each bearing a beautiful red and white block.
I made my quilt and wrote about it on QUILTsocial.com last week. It also came along with me to last week's CreativFestival in Toronto. It was a privilege to teach a workshop on English Paper Piecing to a lovely group of women from across the country.
Then, I was able to answer questions on quilting and embroidery at A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine's booth at the show. After lunch, I did a little shopping and found FQ bundles of Sweetheart, the new range from Tilda this fall and winter.
This is the front of my lovely birthday quilt
The countdown is on --- Tilda's Toy Box, the new book, is out in just a few days. I have a wish list of projects from it, and now, all the fabrics to do them.
I am not lying when I say I did a little squeal of delight when I found the fabrics all prettily packaged at Ruby Pearl's booth at the show. This is a quilt store, located in Oshawa -- not TERRIBLY far away -- and they have more Tilda fabric.
Ooooo -- can everyone guess the contents of my Christmas list?????


  1. Your birthday quilt looks fabulous.. You be a good girl and Santa may bring you the nice fabrics...

  2. The quilt is gorgeous - you really did a lovely job on it - I bet you were one of the first ones to get your quilt finished from the group! Has anyone else posted a finish?


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