Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This is Danielle's snowman -- he's lovely!

Danielle's Percy, sporting a hand-knit chapeau
Yesterday, I told you all about the class I taught at the CreativFestival last week in Toronto.
Percy, as I called him, is a paper-pieced a 3-D snowman.
Last night, I received a photo from the talented Danielle from Montreal. She finished her snowman with a hand-knit hat and scarf.
Isn't he just a cutie?
Danielle gave herself a gift of a trip to Toronto and several classes at the CreativFestival. I was so honoured that she picked my class as one of her "treats".
Thank you, Danielle, for sharing a photo of your finished Percy, and for allowing me to share it here.


  1. Percy is adorable - well done, Danielle! The knit scarf and hat are the perfect touch for Mr. P - he's ready for the weather ahead :D

    You're kind of setting the bar high for the rest of us though -- are we actually *allowed* to finish a project from a class ... within such a short time - isn't it illegal???!! ;)


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