Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas bling....

The bling is on here at the house that just LOVES Christmas!
My collection of Vantastics dancing ladies by Van Craig are gracing the stairs.
And the tree went up yesterday! You can just make out its lovely skirt. I made it two years ago, when I finally found the perfect piece of burgundy plaid taffeta. It features all my favourite elements -- yoyos, vintage buttons and bobble trim.
Our tree is quite wonderful this year. Made more so by the ornaments we have collected over the years. It takes me a while to decide where everyone's very favourite ones will go on this year's tree.
I made the Peace On Earth ornament from a ribbon embroidery kit long ago. It is framed in a little hoop painted red. I just love it.
When I put it on the tree, I am reminded of the year I worked on it -- I can even hear the wind howl against the windows. The children were just little, the winter storms started early and kept coming. We were often housebound for long days at a stretch. It was a little bit like Little House on the Prairie.
It was the last year my dad was alive, and he really admired this ornament when he saw it on our tree. I remember my dad remarking that I had become quite a needleworker. My Dad never gave out lavish praise, so this piece will always be my favourite.

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