Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making new friends

I managed to sell all my little snow angels this year, thanks to a couple of Secret Santa shoppers I know and love.
I was actually sorry to see them go. I managed to save one for me, and he is keeping my tomte company in the kitchen.
Yesterday, I spent the day just cutting out projects which I will be putting together Monday and Tuesday. I loathe cutting out things, however, it is a necessary evil.
I am making several of Tilda's party bags, featured in Sew Sunny Homestyle. I have enlarged the pattern to create small, medium and large sizes. They are really easy, but I have managed to use up almost every scrap of my stash of Christmasy prints, so I took the opportunity to go to the quilt store early this morning before the crowds were out and about.
I was up and out by 8 a.m. to get some Christmasy errands done. I was heading home from my errands as the masses where heading out! I figured I could have a nap in the afternoon when others were waiting in lines at the stores...
No such luck! There is yet more decorating to do around the house.
Yesterday morning, we found the family Christmas tree. It was a wonderful morning, snowing and a little cold. Just the kind of day for finding a tree.
So, this morning, the boys hauled it in from the garage and we began the day-long process of decorating it. This year's spruce tree is truly wonderful and really fills the living room. I will post photos as soon as it is done.
I hope everyone is enjoying the process of preparing for this wonderful season!

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  1. Those snow angels are so cute! Have fun decorating your tree!


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